Technical Assistant to CTO


True Platform (Base Global) is a B2B SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Company providing technology management solutions for enterprises in the world

We would focus on building the easiest-to-start, simplest-to-use, and fastest time-to-value customer-centric platform that helps companies win deals, grow loyalties, communicate seamlessly and work better with customers. With a strong belief in young Vietnamese engineers, we are looking for a talented Technical Assistant to CTO to pursue True Platform’s mission together: Build great enterprise software for the world.


  • Work directly with CTO to build a documentation system on core technologies of the Company: Framework, Platform, Design System…;
  • Guide and help Engineers utilize the company‘s core technologies through: Training, Seminar, Guide 1:1;
  • Participate in building a system of documents and tests to evaluate Engineer‘s capacity
  • Work with the HR Team to build and operate the onboarding & development roadmap for Engineers;
  • Collaborate with the HR Team to build Competency Framework and Career Path for all positions in the Product team.


  • Excellent academic background in IT, Math and related fields 
  • Good background knowledge in Algorithms, Data Structures, OOP, MySQL and Web technology;
  • Strong knowledge or experience in using any programming language (prefer PHP/Javascript);
  • Logical thinking and good problem-solving skills;
  • Passionate about people development and helping others grow;
  • Eager to learn and grow with a strong will.


  • Attractive salary package, flexible evaluation of salary increase (2-3 times/year) commensurate with work results;
  • Dynamic and flexible environment; be empowered and spaced for self-affirmation and career development;
  • Unlimited learning opportunities: Enhance your expertise through a comprehensive training program, guidelines from mentors, buddies…
  • Talented colleagues: Work with a team of enthusiastic and professional Product Builders who have already built a highly large-scale system serving 60+ millions of pageviews, hundreds of thousands users each month, and 7000+ enterprises; and graduated from top universities in Vietnam & the world (Stanford, UCLA, HUST, etc.).
  • Team building, vacation at least 2 times/year, and other engagement activities;
  • Other benefits as prescribed by the Labor Law.


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