Don't bring up questions

Builders don't bring up questions, they have questions and answers. Raising any question requires you FIRST to deeply dive in and try your best to figure out a solution.

Don't let problems jump down

Builders don't let problems jump down the ladder because they would jump in. Any manager would always try to jump in to fix a solution of their team to make sure that it's fixed as soon as it's needed.

Don't have proxy

Builders don't have proxy because proxy can't build. We don't and never have proxy who prefers to "distribute" works rather than directly get it done. In True, everyone must directly build something - from the CEO, C-levels, managers, down to interns.

Challenge convention and protect legacy

We don't immediately accept convention as fact since outside knowledge or experience may not fit well with the company and must be tested. However, once the knowledge is tested well and gained within the company (legacy), it should always be highly protected and there is no reason to change until a great reason comes out.

Master all building blocks in knowledge and practicality

We must have full knowledge of everything we build and knowledge is not gained until it's practiced. One example - we understand every single bit of our codebase and make our own framework because it's the ONLY way to scale it out when the business is growing.

Build, lead and own

We only have True Builders and no one else. The measure of merits of all True builders is the number of blocks they build, and nothing else.

Meet Our Builders

"A great mission only raises a great commitment. It's going to be a 20 years of commitment and I don't expect anything less if we ever expect to build a great company together."

Hung Pham, CEO & CTO True Platform

Dong Giap

Software Engineer

Builder Culture is the most impressive factor which motivates me to join True. For a Software Engineer, it is an honor to build a product that brings visible values to others. Everyone at True Platform believes in the future we are heading for.

Quyen Khuat

Business Analyst

It's been an educational and fun-filled experience joining this team. True Platform provides a good opportunity for career growth where talent and hard work are recognized and appreciated.

Duc Duong

Software Engineer

I have always asked "Why" for everything. But when it comes to True, "Why not?" is the only thing I have in mind. True is where I have kind-hearted, faithful and talented people to build something we can all be proud of. Something great, decent, and ever-lasting.

Phuong Tran

Head of Talent Acquisition

Working with a young, innovative team and supportive leaders helps me completing my skills and personality. True Platform provides a professional, modern workspace and a place to shine for every Builder. I just feel like I become a better version of myself everyday.

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