Software Engineer (Fresher)


True Platform is a B2B SaaS (software as a service) start-up, undertaking the global mission “Build software platforms that extensively transform the working life
We make SAAS products for ambitious companies who have a real focus on People, Product & Operation Excellence and Customer Relationship Management. We strive to build the most useful and affordable software for millions of SMEs worldwide


With great faith in young Vietnamese engineers, we are seeking talented Software Engineers (Fresher) to pursue True Platform’s mission together: Build great enterprise software for the world


At the beginning of your journey with us, a Senior Engineer or Team Lead will be there to guide and mentor you. Their goal is to ensure that you:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the products we are passionately building and identify areas that can be improved for your future growth
  • Seamlessly work with all available resources
  • Complete, review, and refine your initial assignment, which we call the "Starter Project"

After that, you will be involved in the complete development cycle of apps/features on our platform. This includes:

  • Analyze and plan the product
  • Design the database structure
  • Develop, test, and ensure quality
  • Introduce and launch the product or feature
  • Maintain and introduce new feature updates


We‘re looking for talented Fresher Engineers to join our team with below traits:

  • Final-year student or B.Sc. in software engineering, information technology, or computer science and related fields (at least 3 months working experience with web development)
  • Good background knowledge in Algorithms & Data Structures
  • Strong knowledge & experience in at least one Object-oriented programming (OOP) scripting language (prefer PHP/Javascript)
  • English language abilities, both verbal and written - the products you build will serve global SMEs
  • Passion for coding and desire to build valuable products
  • Logical thinking and good problem-solving skills
  • Willingness to learn and address significant challenges


Special Benefits:

  • Attractive salary package up to 800$ plus bonus based on performance
  • Flexible evaluation of salary increase (2-3 times/year) commensurate with work results
  • ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) for outstanding contributors
  • TrueCare package (Annual healthcare check-up for official employees and health Insurance for employees with 1+ year of work)
  • Team building, vacation at least 2 times/year, and other engagement activities (Connection Day, Happy Friday,...)
  • Collaborative and open working spaces are instrumental in fostering both individual concentration and collaborative efforts
  • Other benefits as prescribed by the Labor Law

Personal Development:

  • Fast-track career: Join a full cycle of building real products for the global market and continuously grow with the scalability of products.
  • Unlimited learning opportunities: Enhance your expertise through a comprehensive training program, guidelines from mentors, buddies, and product development challenges.
  • Visible values & impacts: Build world-class and high-performance products that solve pain points for millions of enterprises worldwide.
  • Talented colleagues: Join a team of proficient and enthusiastic Product Builders who have already developed a remarkably adaptable system catering to more than 60 million pageviews, hundreds of thousands of monthly users and over 8,000 enterprises. Our team comprises graduates from esteemed universities in Vietnam and around the globe, such as Stanford, ITMO, HUST, UET,...


  • Round 1: CV Application & Online Test (Algorithms & Data Structures, Programming Language)
  • Round 2: Interview


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