System Engineer


True Platform (Base Global) is a B2B SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Company providing technology management solutions for global enterprises. 

We would focus on building the easiest-to-start, simplest-to-use, and fastest-time-to-value customer-centric platform that helps companies win deals, grow loyalties, communicate seamlessly and work better with customers. With a strong belief in young Vietnamese engineers, we are looking for talented System Engineers to pursue True Platform’s mission together: Build great enterprise software for the world.


You will be responsible for building and maintaining the core and most fundamental modules of our platform. Your job would be building some of the following:

  • Search Engine
  • Electronic Signature
  • Platform-wide Decentralized Log Monitoring (ELK Stack/ Kibana)
  • File Storage and Video Processing

Your work will greatly enhance the performance of the platform and productivity of other engineers. It will profoundly impact the work life of thousands of companies.

You will work and report directly to the CEO (who happens to be the CTO at the same time). As being a culture of Builders, we would love to work with someone who‘s humble, open to learning, loves coding, loves to solve challenging technical problems and is motivated by making good values for people and the world.

This is NOT a DevOps job. More than researching and picking the right technology stacks, you WOULD write a lot of codes and build real, functional and customer-facing software. It requires a deep knowledge in both Software Design and system.


We‘re looking for talented System Engineers to join our team with below traits:

  • Understanding of Linux/Unix system is critical as you should be comfortable writing Shell scripts and deploying/debugging various packages
  • Strong experience with at least one of the following languages: PHP, Java, Python
  • Good knowledge in Docker, micro-service and containerization technology
  • Prior experience in cloud infrastructure is a plus (Google Cloud Platform or AWS)
  • As the platform (especially its core system) will deal with challenging performance issues, it‘s a plus if you have certain experience working with high-load massive products in the past.


Special Benefits:

  • Attractive salary package up to 2000$ plus bonus based on performance
  • Flexible evaluation of salary increase (4 times/year) commensurate with work results
  • Opportunity to receive ESOP shares (employee stock ownership plan) for outstanding contributors
  • High performance computer and screen
  • Team building, vacation at least 2 times/year, and other engagement activities
  • Other benefits as prescribed by the Labor Law

Personal Development:

  • Opportunity to promptly boost your capability by solving challenging issues of a large-scaled system . It’s worth your try.
  • An environment that encourages the freedom to create and initiate ideas, develop personal products (supported). Each individual can become a Product Owner; Proactive, dynamic, creative and has a clear promotion roadmap.
  • Experience a great workplace where young & professional talents work together passionately
  • Improve expertise through face-to-face training, internal sharing sessions, and encourage recommending courses to supplement and develop capacity and knowledge.


  • Round 1: CV Application
  • Round 2: Interview


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