IT Talent Acquisition Executive


True Platform (Base Global) is a B2B SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Company providing technology management solutions for global enterprises. 

We would focus on building the easiest-to-start, simplest-to-use, and fastest-time-to-value customer-centric platform that helps companies win deals, grow loyalties, communicate seamlessly and work better with customers. 


1/ IT Talent Acquisition

  • Plan & implement the whole recruiting process for the requested IT positions from job analysts, JD customization, Creating Talent Pool, Interview, and Selection
  • Participate in planning, organizing IT Talent Programs of True Platform
  • Build and enrich the Talent Pools for current and future demands
  • Play the role of Consultant for Hiring Manager (Head of Department) all relevant issues which can affect the recruiting process
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of TA actively periodically to adjust/ improve or initiate the new ideal to optimize the performance

2/ Employer Branding

  • Expand the Employee Branding of True Platform and develop its Employee Experience programs
  • Initiate the ideas for online and offline channels for attracting internal (our staff) and external (our potential candidates) customers
  • Build/ maintain and strengthen the relationship with universities, associates


1/ Experience

  • At least 1 years of experience in Recruitment, IT Recruitment is a plus
  • Having a strong & effective network of candidates/recruitment service provider

2/ Individual Skills

  • The skills to ask the right questions to understand the needs effectively for both internal and external stakeholders

3/ Mindsets & Attitudes

  • Passion, enthusiasm, dynamism, diligent, can-do attitude
  • Data-driven, result-oriented
  • Courageous, dare to think differently & make a difference, not afraid to change the status and continuously improve
  • Open-minded, willing to learn & change the way of thinking and doing for greater efficiency, flexible and adaptable for unexpected challenges


  • Attract Benefit Package included the based salary up to 1000$ and monthly KPIs, outperformance rewards
  • Flexible performance review and salary raise scheme (maximum 4 times/ year) and depended on actual performance
  • Empowered to take the initiative in work (that‘s why we expect the same thing in a successful candidate)
  • Provide the internal and external courses regularly for employees to support them in their improvement and development
  • Other common benefits: team building, company activities, awards, emulation programs...


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